Monday, September 6, 2010

..for a mere 1300$ USD...

You too can have one of these puppies.

Apparently a Japanese company designed these wayyyyy back in 2008.  They can be controlled via Bluetooth and have a baffling 23 joints.  Too bad you'll have to fork over around 1300 bucks to have one of these bad boys at home to impress the ladies with.

Just think... you could be titillating your female companion on the couch; simply clap twice, shout "MORE CHAMPAGNE!", and drive your 1300$ robo buddy into the room.

There's my two cents; 'gimmie yours!


  1. Now see, if I could program it to bring me beer and have a pre-recorded voice to order pizza with, we'd be all set.

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  3. Man how awesome would be to have your very own robot butler.

  4. thats pretty cheek really considering, awesome though - progression! :D