Thursday, September 9, 2010

one of my favorites

One of my favorite "robots" of all time is the exoskeleton loader from the movie "Aliens".
I mean seriously; this thing is awesome.  However, the movie is even better, and I know that helps this bad boy along in it's awesomeness... but still.. am I right!?

Some of you have to agree with me on this one right? Granted there are other movie robots that can be mentioned (C3PO, Johnny 5, etc..) But for me, this one just does it!

Tell me what you think!


  1. Pretty sweet robot, I wasn't a big fan of Alien though. Maybe if she was a hotter chick.

  2. daily fun in here :)
    supp mine too

  3. Lol forklift monster! Cool post <3

  4. what an interesting perspective...

  5. nice blog that looks cool man !;)
    supporting & following you;)